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For over a century, sports fans have remained isolated, ignored, and exploited.   Owners don't care that fans are being priced out of a game.  Players don't want to hear, "Nobody listens to the fan."

Those days are over!

The FAN is a one-of-a-kind membership community, with political and charitable action arms for the 21st century sports fan.  Whether the issue is stadium security, ticket prices and commissions, rule changes, relocation of teams, taxpayer financing of new arenas, or the legality of fantasy sports or internet poker, sports fans will finally become a represented “special interest group.”

With numbers and a “Membership is Power" mantra, The FAN will offer additional benefits:  rewards and discounts, interesting and important sports content, interactive contests and surveys to direct our lobby.  “The FAN” is a unique opportunity to create relationships amongst our members and our corporate partners and change the landscape of sports.  “The FAN” will be your voice to represent and empower you in the complex $2 trillion dollar global sports industry.

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Aaron Phillips is a successful radio personality and public speaker based in Las Vegas. Aaron has hosted and co-hosted many sports radio shows, as well as radio shows on various other topics. The outstanding thread that’s woven through all of Aaron Phillip’s experiences and opportunities life has given him is his perseverance and courage to […]