Elly Brown Social Media Influencer Promo

by adminpublished on October 15, 2019

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Need a Music Video?  Promote your Nightclub with some fun!
Go Live Vegas Production - Here is a commercial we developed for "My Smart Pools" here in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Go Live Vegas - Produced and Edited this fine promo for Crazy Girls on the Las Vegas Strip.
Developed & Produced by Aaron & Raquel Elekes, "Firehouse 1" is a reality television show that revolves around Fire & EMS on the border to Mexico in the City of Laredo, Texas.  A series showcasing the true heroes on the border!
Go Live Vegas was selected to produce a promotional video for Eulia Neal, a former Professional Ballroom Dancer for her Dance Art she now creates.
Go Live Vegas can help you with any of your graphic needs.  This promo designed to help promote a local Las Vegas Entertainer!  Call us, we can help you!